Client Testimonials

Utmost Trust and Respect

“Approximately 25 years ago, we began our journey with Stephanie … During this time, she has helped us set up RESPs for our children, find the right life insurance policies that would benefit our family, as well as help us initiate our group benefit plan for our company and set up my and my husband’s RRSPs … we trust Limestone Financial Inc. to ensure that our future and the future of our children will be taken care of … We have the utmost trust and respect for the team at Limestone Financial Inc. and are thankful we are in good hands!”

— Kellie & Bob Revell

Commitment to Professionalism

“Limestone Financial Inc. has consistently demonstrated a commitment to professionalism through honest integrity. This is crucial to controlling our financial emotions in an unstable world. We particularly like Limestone Financial Inc.’s approach of protecting initial capital. We would recommend all the members of the Limestone Financial team.”

— Martin & Linda Adey

Thank You Team!

“I would like to thank you, Tom, Stephanie, June and everyone at Limestone Financial for your kind support as well as your expertise in handling my investments over the past few years … It is much easier knowing there are people like you who have your back. In an unpredictable market, that is is good as it gets! Thank you team.”

— Dauna Staite

A Wise Counsellor

“Stephanie Milligan has been my and my late husband’s financial advisor since 1998. During that time I have come to know and trust Stephanie absolutely and to regard her as a friend and as a wise counsellor in more than just business matters.

In a volatile and sometimes depressing market, Stephanie has steered a steady course and her advice has always been in my best interests, rather than in her own. I trust her sufficiently to have sent both my daughters to her as they embark on their professional lives, and she has taken good care of their very different needs and situations.

When my husband died recently after a long illness, I was especially glad to be able to talk to Stephanie, rather than yet another employee of a large and faceless company. Dealing with the same person, someone one knows and trusts, over a number of years cannot be compared with the insecurity of not knowing to whom one’s portfolio will be assigned within a large and anonymous institution.I would heartily recommend Stephanie to my nearest and dearest and to anyone needing good financial advice.”

— Mary Stewart

Confident and Ally

“As a financial advisor to Venetia’s parents for many years, Stephanie was a natural choice for us when it came to choosing someone we could trust as newlyweds about to start a family.

She listened to our ideas and asked thoughtful questions to help us clarify our needs. Her extensive knowledge of the many products and options available to us was always apparent. However, she maintained a professional distance from company favouritism, and clearly helped us choose what was best for us.

We really appreciated this independence on her part. Throughout our relationship, she has been a clear communicator, frequently ‘translating’ complex material and ensuring that everything was completely understood. No question was too trivial or could be asked too many times.

Her extensive involvement in the community is something we value and we look forward to having her as a confidant and ally for many years to come.”

— John & Venetia Gauthier

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